Awesome 3D Game Development: No Programming Required teaches aspiring game developers how to create their own computer games without programming skills and provides an in-depth understanding of how the game design process works. Using hands-on tutorials and “drag-anddrop” game engines, readers learn to make and modify their own interactive 3D computer games, create models, and select game assets. The CD-ROM has most of the demos of the development tools used in the book, including 3D GameMaker, Reality Factory, Multimedia Fusion, MilkShape 3D Modeler, and Paint Shop Pro. This is a great way to learn the fundamentals of game design and game creation  no programming skills required!

* Choose your own vehicles, weapons, scenery, and characters to create 3D games
* Provides detailed tutorials that walk you through all aspects of 3D game creation
* Includes CD-ROM with demos of 3D GameMaker, Reality Factory, and Multimedia Fusion
* Teaches how to model, capture, and texture game images and animations with Paint Shop Pro and MilkShape 3D