Learning Visual Basic.NET through Applications teaches Visual Basic.Net programming by showing the user how to create practical applications. Instead of reading chapter after chapter on individual topics, youĂ­ll focus on developing complete, self-contained projectsbeginning with an explanation of the concepts and followed by the complete source code. The applications from each chapter can be used immediately, so the rewards of learning are quick and extensive.


* Learn to program in Visual Basic.net while creating projects, including an MP3 player, encryption, DIRECTX 8.1 graphics, sending E-mail, a Microsoft Agent Active X Control and many others

* Includes material on migrating to Visual Basic.net and basics of the .NET framework, especially as it compares to previous versions of VB

* Extensive material on mathematics and random number functions, object-oriented programming in Visual Basic.net, Strings, GDI+, and Error handling

* CD-ROM is loaded with source code, graphics, and project files