After playing the same levels or flying the same airplane over and over, many avid gamers quickly tire of their games. Now, with gmax supported games, they have a 3D modeling tool that is easy to use, comes with documentation, and includes a common framework that can be used to modify many popular games. The gmax™ Handbook shows you how to use this powerful application to modify actual games, such as Microsoft ® Flight Simulator 2002, Dungeon Siege, Quake III Arena, Tr ainz, and more!
Key Features
* Use gmax with popular game packs to modify levels and characters for licensed games
* Shows how to model and texture with PaintShopPro
* Covers TRAINZ Asset Creation Studio, Siege Max game pack for Dungeon Siege, Tempest game pack for Quake III Arena, Impossible Creature Tools, LithUnwrap, and more
* CD-ROM includes figures and project files

The CD-ROM contains all images from the book (4-color), numerous projects that use popular game packs, and these two applications:

* gmax 1.2
– Discreet™
* Paint ShopPro 7.04 (30 day trial version)
– Jasc Software